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Join the Debate: Lindsey Vonn's Swimsuit Issue

Join the Debate: Lindsey Vonn's Swimsuit Issue

[ Wed, 2010-02-24 15:37 ]
Lindsey Vonn's SI cover
First there was the Sports Illustrated's cover shot of Vonn in a staged tuck. Now there's a whole gallery of her in SI's vaunted Swimsuit Issue. Is she demeaning or asserting herself? Here's where the SKI staff lands.

We thought the “controversy” over Lindsey Vonn’s Sports Illustrated cover shot was ridiculous. Sure, she’s wearing makeup instead of a helmet. But “suggestive pose?” Come on. She’s a downhill racer, the “pose” is a legitimate tuck—a tool of her trade. If you find it “suggestive,” that says more about you than her. And as far as we’re concerned, whenever SI wants to put a skier on the cover, we’re all for it.

Then, today, the bombshell, so to speak: an entire gallery of Lindsey, from SI’s vaunted Swimsuit Issue. And she is not wearing her speedsuit.

We followed the link—strictly out of professional diligence, mind you. Controversy exploded in the office. “Inappropriate,” the women said. "She’s demeaning herself. She’s a world-class athlete and she shouldn’t have to resort to sex-kitten photos.”

“Oh, sure,” the guys countered. “And when it’s Nomar Garciapara or Lebron James all oiled up and shirtless, you don’t have a problem with that!”

Both were good points. So, with fresh eyes, we all looked again, and came to a kind of consensus.



"She does look incredible,” said one female SKI staffer. Another added, “Yeah, she’ll take some grief for it from certain people, but she’s beautiful and she’s an amazing racer and she can do what she wants.”

So perhaps we finally do live in a post-feminist world, where strong and sexy don’t have to be opposing attributes.

Could be. For their part, the guys on staff promise to study the issue in greater depth.


News Alert: Vonn reveals that she sustained a serious injury during slalom training. Will she be able to race in the Olympics?

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Here's a look at SKI's cover featuring Lindsey Vonn from our February 2010 issue: