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Ski Tips

La Nina is Already Here

La Nina is Already Here
La Nina is here main
This week (and next) is shaping up in perfect La Nina fashion. Here's how to understand the storm patterns.

 There is a massive gap in meteorology for skiers and snowboarders who like snow.

On one side of the chasm are the long-range predictions about which mountains will see the most snow this winter. We covered this season’s snowfall forecast here, and it’s all about La Nina.

On the other side is the tracking of individual storms and hearing about snowfall forecasts of 4-8” tonight, or if you’re lucky maybe something more like 10-18”. Insert any “that’s what she said” joke here.

Training Tips with Ted Ligety: Week 6

Training Tips with Ted Ligety: Week 6
overhead medball throw
The final step in Ted Ligety and the U.S. Ski Team's work out plan will increase your explosiveness.

Now that you're six weeks into Ted Ligety and the U.S. Ski Team's pre-season workout plan you should be feeling strong fit, and ready to ski.  The last step in the program is overhead medicine ball throws, which Ted and the rest of the team call the "man or mouse" drill.

Advice for 50-Something Shredders

Advice for 50-Something Shredders
Dr. Tom Vangsness
Not every skier is a pre-teen jibster with joints like Gumby. If you’re more towards middle age than 20-something, check out some tips to help you stay strong on the slopes from Dr. Tom Vangsness, skier and Chief of Sports Medicine at the Keck School of Medicine at University of Southern California.

What can older skiers do to make sure that they don’t injure themselves skiing?
First, skiing is a sport that demands physical fitness and joint flexibility. If you’re sedentary and don’t exercise, then don’t expect to simply walk out of your office and onto the slopes, at least not without dramatically increasing your risk to injury. To ski safely—and I would add enjoyably—the body must be in shape.

Training Tips with Ted Ligety: Week 5

Training Tips with Ted Ligety: Week 5
back extension holds
Feeling strong yet? The fifth move in Ted Ligety and the U.S. Ski Team's training program is back extension holds, which keep you strong and stable.

Ski season is getting closer, so at this point you should be working to up your endurance. This week's exercise, back extension holds work your lower back, hamstrings, and glutes. Alex Moore, Strength and Condition Coach for the Ski Teams says that this exercise builds endurance in the muscles of the posterior chain, which have such a vital stabilizing role in skiing. That means you'll be able to ski longer, harder and more smoothly. Moore says to try to hold them for 60-90 seconds, and, if you're really looking for a challenge, you can hold a weight.

Training Tips with Ted Ligety: Week 4

Training Tips with Ted Ligety: Week 4
ted week four
We're more than halfway through Ted's training program. This week he's focusing on glute-hamstring raises, which work the whole back of your leg.

The fourth step in Ted Ligety's training programs is glute-hamstring raises. Alex Moore, his coach says this challenging move builds strength in the entire chain of muscles that run down the backs of your leg. It's particularly good for the hamstrings, which help prevent ACL injuries. If the exercise is too hard at first try hamstring curls, and if you're really strong, try them with weight.

Training Tips with Ted Ligety: Week 3

Training Tips with Ted Ligety: Week 3
Training Tips with Ted Ligety: Week 3
The third step in Ted Ligety's pre-season training plan: split squats. Ted and trainer Alex Moore show how to do variations of the exercise.
This week, the third in Ted Ligety's pre-season training series, Ted and his trainer, Alex More, show us how to do split squats, which work the quads, glutes and hamstrings.

Julia Mancuso on training with Kristen Ulmer

Julia Mancuso on training with Kristen Ulmer
Julia Mancuso is a model skier...and a model.
Julia Mancuso tells us about training with Kristen Ulmer and how her mind powers her body.

Kristen Ulmer’s Ski to Live clinics (featured in our October issue) have helped skiers like like Julia Mancuso hone the mental aspects of their skiing. The Olympic gold medalist and burgeoning big mountain skier told us about training with Ulmer and how it helped her focus on the course.

In for Alignment

In for Alignment
SKI Magazine Gear Makeover
The best skiers are already perfectly aligned—skeletons that stack up in perfect balance over a carving edge. The rest of us—the bow-legged, the knock-kneed—muddle through with skis that feel either too edgy or not edgy enough. The solution: Take your body in for an alignment. We did just that with two guinea pigs, to see if even longtime skiers can still improve their game with a simple equipment fix. And yes, they can.

By John Balmain, with Bob Gleason

When I was asked to become involved in this Alignment/Movement makeover I immediately thought, “Great, a chance to work with Bob Gleason.  I’ll definitely learn something about bootfitting!”  Bob is consistently acknowledged as the No. 1 bootfitter in Telluride, Colo., and one of the best in the nation. In his work for Masterfit University, he helps to train bootfitters across the country.

Training Tips with Ted Ligety: Week 1

The first episode in a six-part workout series from Olympic gold medalist Ted Ligety and the U.S. Ski Team. This week's exercise: weighted squat jumps.
Over the next six weeks Ted Ligety, Olympic gold medalist and two-time World Cup giant slalom champ, will show us six different exercises he does to get into shape for ski season. This week's exercise: weighted squat jumps.
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