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Can anyone tell me the 5 easiest blue runs at Breck? Going there for the first time and want some easy runs to get used to the place. A couple long cruisers would be nice, something always groomed and easy for these 50 year old legs. Any help would be great.
asked by jashford 5 years 17 weeks ago
answers (4)
Peak 9 will be your best friend, I always like Bonanza as a warm up run, but it can get crowded since there is a long slow zone that runs through it. Colombia and Cashier are also fantastic, less crowded (depending on when you're there) with plenty of rollers and always well groomed. Take the Beaver Run for the most options. Peak 8 also has some easy blue runs and they offer a longer ride but they tend to get crowded and, once again it depends on when you're there, can get chopped up. But play around, Breck offers plenty of ways to mix and match your runs and play all day. My fav is to start on Peak 9, make my way over to Peak 8 via the SuperConnect lift, head down Springmeier or Crescendo, back up on the Colorado super chair and take the Four O'Clock run all the way into town. Peak 7 is mostly all blue but I remember going there for big rollers and moguls, which may not be too forgiving.
Bogus answer! Peak 7 has the best Easy Blue! So easy, they should be Green in some parts, but because of the rolling nature, true beginners would be freaked out, and then walking the flats! The easiest, and VERY "long cruiser", is Monte Cristo (the very furthest run to the right on the trail map), except for the steap entry pitch at the very top. Or go left off the chair, down to the left, then a left traverse back under the chair to get back back to the Cristo. Then stay left all the way down for a "blue" run so easy you'll be bored. The other three runs that split off this side of the chair are similar, but average a little steeper with fewer flats. Wirepatch, Lincoln Meadows and Angel's rest are the targets of "gang grooming" in the afternoon, and you can be the first down after 4-6 cats turn each run into one smooth sheet of "Hero Snow". Claimjumper is also easy enough - the opposite loop off of the chair. Again, two choices for entry: the catwalk-seeming beginning of Lower Forget-me-not, but this has a missable left turn into a potentially powdery-wide-tree area. I suggest the beginning of Pioneer, then take Claimjumper at the split. Swan City & Fort Mary B also offer simple looking alternatives off of Pioneer - but beware - Swan City ends in one of the steepest pitches on Peak 7. A few other steep pitches are scattered on Claimjumper and Pioneer, but both runs are wide enough that working a traversing drop will get you past them easily. These 2 runs are usually the most crowded on Peak 7 - watch out for speed-demons! Once you have worked all these, you will find the perfect "Easy Blue" for you . . . or you'll decide that you are better than you thought you were!!!
Dang Ski posting...all my nice formatting & paragraphs got lumped into one! Also, beware the dreaded Breck cross-mountain traverses. They will be alternately too hard, or too flat - and always too long. Avoid the urge to switch mountains as soon as you do one run you don't like. You can spend all day traversing the mountain...then trying to get back! Even worse for snowboarders - the flats will sneak up on you and have you walking more than boarding! Instead, if you don't like the grooming on one run, watch for ways to catwalk or cut easy trees between runs. The terrain, and skier population, will vary greatly from one run to the next.
Be aware that Breck is Huge! It has a neat, compact town for shopping and dining, though.

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