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What is the definition of the fall line?

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What is the definition of the fall line?

What is the definition of the fall line?

asked by Gary Bohn 5 years 44 weeks ago
answers (3)
The fall line is simply the path that a ball would take when rolling down the mountain or hill. The fall line is not necessarily a simple straight line down the hill--as the terrain veers and slopes, the ball will roll some to the left and some to the right, but always falling downhill. The goal of skiing the fall line is to let gravity help the skis turn. (NOT intuitive, but gravity is your friend as well as your enemy...
If you are stopped on sloping terring, the skis on edge and perpendicular to the fall line, then they will tend to go neither forward nor backward on their own. They will tend to remain at rest.
Stevek433 is right on. An old instructor's trick is to stand at the top of a slope that is dual-cambered- in other words, it slopes down and also tilts to one side or the other- then tell you to visualize pouring a bucket of water down the hill and tracing it's path. The way the water flows is the fall line. This is a great visualization because you have to adjust to 2 angles when skiing that slope instead of one. When a trail is also tilted to one side as you go down it, it forces you to adjust your turns (the turn on one side will need to be a bit quicker than the other) or you will follow the fall line right into the trees. Being able to read or feel the trail for the direction of the fall line is a key to understanding how to become more advanced in your skiing. Knowing the fall line allows you to let gravity work with you rather than against you.

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