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Skiing Interactive is Here

Skiing Interactive is Here

Skiing Interactive, the digital platform of Skiing, is now live and available free of charge at
posted: 06/29/2010

Skiing Interactive

Skiing brand launches a new digital platform. 

Skiing Interactive, the digital platform of Skiing, is now live, daily and available free of charge at Designed for laptops and desktops, Skiing Interactive delivers the compelling stories you've come to expect from Skiing Magazine but in a personalized, interactive format—with multi-layered graphics, annotated video, and stunning photography.

Skiing Interactive will remain daily through April, 15, 2011, then go weekly for the summer, returning to a daily delivery on Oct. 24, 2011, as we ramp up for the next ski season. 

Print Issues: Skiing will print four issues next season (2011/12): the annual Gear Guide, the Resort issue, the Adventure Issue and the Patrollers 100 issue, which will be packed with tips, advice, tales and tribulations from the pros who live and work on the slopes.

To receive news and information regarding Skiing Interactive, please fill out the form below.



It’s a pity that even after 3

It’s a pity that even after 3 years, the online version of this once-decent publication is still experiencing technical and navigation issues. Instead of taking lessons from other magazines who have produced online versions and employing qualified personnel to oversee the content, etc , they’ve just decided to create fan pages on a couple of popular social network sites and pass the “burden” over to another publication by offering sporadic contributions. It’s too bad, as it was a great idea for them to go digital. Surely they could’ve planned this better?

Wow. End of an era is right.

Wow. End of an era is right. Sad to see it go down. Looks like you might need a major online makeover. Hope you the best!

Well done - the Get Schooled

Well done - the Get Schooled frame by frame is a game-changer. I was skeptical of the interactive format, but am now hooked. You guys need to get tighter integration with Facebook, so that you're generating buzz. For example, people need to be able to like articles so that their friends see it and jump in. Also, it would be great to be able to control the speed of Get Schooled and loop it.

I run systems and know what a

I run systems and know what a web site is. Who's in charge?? What is lonelymemea5 's "comment" doing here? Can't you even pay for a moderator? If we have no choice but to accept a 2nd rate pub/"interactive magazine" at least keep the cruft away. BTW - even with a cable connection, your pages load waaayyy toooo s-l-o-w-l-y. How do you test your readers' experience? Ya - I thought so, you sit in your office/cube with the server next door. Have you even been close to a dial-up or DSL mdem connection? And some of us run antivirus to keep moronic malware/spyware/popups/viruses away; these are necessary tools for anyone with their wits about them. For whatever value your editorial content provides, you're messing up big-time on the technical end. I bet your bean-counters keep your techies in a state of frustration, canceling his/her requests for what's needed to run a good web site. Feh.

No problem. Dialogue is good


No problem. Dialogue is good (at least that's what my wife tells me). Ski subscribers and those Skiing subscribers who have indicated that they'd rather receive Ski should have received the first Ski issue already. If not, email and let our subscription folks know.

Pat, thanks for the support. Yes, right now that Dendrite clip is the frontrunner for our cover clip. I gotta say, watching it has really made sitting in my office behind my computer (and not skiing) very difficult.


To a snowy season,


Sam - Not to prolong the

Sam -

Not to prolong the dialogue about the way the switch has been handled, but I has anyone received an issue of Ski magazine yet this season or has that gone the way of the brontosaurus as well?

Hey there, I'll admit we


Hey there, I'll admit we certainly could have done a better job. Here's how it went down:

Subscribers for whom we had email addresses were notified that Skiing was ceasing publication as a print subscription magazine and were offered Skiing Interactive or SKI.  The balance of subscribers received the first issue of the season from SKI with a wrap that explained that Skiing was no longer being published as a print subscription magazine and that, if they wished, Ski would be served to them for the balance of their Skiing subscription. A refund on all unserved issues is always available to our subscribers.

The two issues we are going to publish in print will only be sold on the newsstand (no subscriptions). That decision was made in part because we can't mail at periodical postal rates unless you publish at least four issues a year and mailing in other postal classes would be cost prohibitive.

Not saying it's the ideal situation, but it's the situation. Feel free to email me at with any questions.


Sam Bass

editor, Skiing Magazine

I can't believe how poorly

I can't believe how poorly your migration to a web based publication has been handled - you should all be ashamed!  How could you not feel obligated to, at the very least, send a letter of explination to your loyal subscriber base informing them of the change?   And also, to insult to injury, you decide to publish 2 issues a year and not feel compelled to offer them to the people that paid you for previous subscriptions...flimsy!

Sam, Thank you for you


Thank you for you clarification on Skiing interactive. I look forward to the last 2 print issues :( and the new format.


Erin, I'm the editor of


Erin, I'm the editor of Skiing and I feel your pain. I grew up reading Skiing, too. I'm sad about just doing two print issues—it's certainly the end of an era—but I think you'll find Skiing Interactive pretty cool. Not a substitute for the print mag, but something new and different. Yes, you do obtain it online, but it's not an online product. It's a downloadable file, essentially an app, that lives on your laptop and functions offline as well as on. Think of it as a great way to waste time at work. Meanwhile, look for the 2011 Gear Guide on newsstands around 10/26. And hit me anytime with questions or comments at Thanks for sticking with Skiing all these years.  —Sam Bass

sucks. after paying for a two

sucks. after paying for a two subscription renewal, i'm stuck with Ski (which i stopped reading when i was 14 because it's family oriented intermediate content bored me, and still does) or an online version of Skiing ? and we don't even get copies of the two print issues left in the mail ? maybe if you'd charged $15, even $20, instead of $10 you'd still be able to mail us print copies... i'm sure we would have paid it. i live in NYC and only get to ski when money allows it. after living in NH and CO where i was surrounded by ski culture, getting this magazine in the mail each month was the closest i got. i looked forward to it every fall. the last thing i want to do is sit in front of my computer more than i already do to read about snow.

sad in the city

I think this is going to be


I think this is going to be great! The depth of visual information is the best part. To the naysayers: get more bandwidth and read Ski on the john.

You say it's not the web?  Of


You say it's not the web?  Of course it's the web!  In fact, it's the web pushed to the limit, with tons of graphical content and High Definition videos. Which means it will be slow.  Many of us simply don't have the bandwidth for it.  In fact, even the preview video took so long to donwload that I simply quit after seeing only the first 2 minutes of it.

I don't want to pay for an interactive online experience that will consist mainly of waiting for thing to load.

Remember "Egghead" stores? 


Remember "Egghead" stores?  They used to be everywhere.  I used to buy all my software from Egghead, and some hardware as well.  Then they decided to close all their stores and simply sell online.  I haven't seen or heard from them since.  Egghead has simply disappeared. There is an online store with a similar name, but I have never bought anything from them, and I am not even sure if it is the same outfit or not.

Skiing Magazine is in a slighly better position in that it doesn't have quite as many competitors as computer stores do.  Still, it's very risky to abandon printed magazines. Will I have to bring my computer to the bathroom so I can read Skiing Interactive?

I don't think so.  I'll stick with Ski Magazine instead.

OK, we've been waiting,

OK, we've been waiting, where's the interactive issue? I am excited, yet skeptical, as I thought the issue was suppose be out a few days ago.

Not a good idea.....we want

Not a good idea.....we want to be able to hold the mag in our hands......not just view it online. What did your market research tell you to expect?

If you were going to make such a major change, you should inform the subscribers before the start of the traditional arrival of the 1st issue. Very poor customer wonder you've been losing circulation.

Please contact 877-318-8777


Please contact 877-318-8777 for questions about your subscription. Thanks!

I have paid for a 3 year

I have paid for a 3 year subscription of skiing magazine started in 06/2009 and have not received a issue since 01/2010. What's to keep you from dropping me with this new service? Also haven't been able to get hold of customer service. Web site has message saying your unavailable!!
Dan Trujillo, 640 Winleaf Cove, Collierville, TN 38017

Do subscribers get this as

Do subscribers get this as part of their subscription package or do we have to pay extra to get this? I hope the former.



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