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Resort On-Piste

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Resort On-Piste

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October 8, 2010
Featuring the Mantra’s proven laminate build and vertical sidewalls, the Kenja is built for technically strong women who ski on- and off-trail in equal measure—East or West. “For girls who like fine wines,” said one tester. “This ski has taste and class.” It’s a carving heroine that arcs stable medium-radius turns on groomed snow, yet its width can handle various snow types. Lighter testers found it a bit unwieldy off-trail but loved its groomer performance. Powerful women loved it everywhere.
October 7, 2010
“An all-mountain generalist,” declared one Tahoe-based racer turned free-skier. “I couldn’t find snow it didn’t like.” The fast, stable Eden seemed to prefer strong skiers with technical backgrounds; ex-racers loved its big-turn power while laid-back freeskiers found it a mite obstreperous and unwilling to skid. The wide shovel hooks easily into turns, and the ski is equally comfortable in long and short arcs. A tiny dose of tip rocker is just enough to deflect crud well and enhance agility in tight spots.
October 6, 2010
This easy turner is the perfect companion for relaxed, sunny-day cruising. Its deep sidecut facilitates quick, spunky turns, but the ski isn’t difficult to control. It initiates smoothly and holds a secure edge on groomed snow. Testers found it responsive whether they skied aggressively or throttled down. It’s a well-balanced ski, and it works best if you’re centered and balanced too. The Great One weaves deftly through trees and bumps, and its stiff shovel punches through crud.
October 6, 2010
Like all Völkl test models, the Tierra has a feeling of structural cohesiveness: All components work harmoniously. Purpose-built for female physiology, it features a raised toepiece to create a neutral stance, which is said to even the energy draw throughout the leg and reduce knee strain. Its tip is stiffer than its tail, and the tail is narrower than those of Völkl’s comparable unisex models. The result is quick, reliable turn initiation followed by a smooth, easy exit. It’s a zippy carver whose in-turn behavior is characterized by unfailing stability and grip.
October 6, 2010
Whether you love tight, short-radius turns or GS sweepers, this high-energy ski will satisfy your craving for edge-to-edge action. “Definitely fun to carve ‘easy-style,’” said one tester. Other testers noted that Blizzard’s lively Viva is forgiving and lightweight, springs friskily into action on the corduroy, and digs in tenaciously on the steeps. Ex-racers and freeskiers alike agreed that this ski has plenty to offer experts, but remains an easygoing, friendly ride for upwardly mobile intermediates. **Editors Note: The price for these skis was printed incorrectly in the print edition of Skiing's 2011 Gear Guide. The correct price for these skis, with bindings, is $849.99.**
October 6, 2010
This carvy, responsive groomed-snow warrior may have saved tester Megan Michelson from bodily harm. Nearly blindsided by a spacey day-tripper, Megan made a lightning-quick adjustment and reported that the ski “reacted on a dime.” With traditional camber, no rocker, and sidecut that begins at the fat tip, the responsive Attraxion 8 hooks instantly into turns and grips securely throughout. Experts found it well matched to their power; intermediates may want to check out the Attraxion 3 or 1.
October 6, 2010
“These made me feel like a better skier,” said one tester. Perfect for resort skiers East or West, the Free Luv is fun and lively on- or off-piste. It carves with smooth energy, bouncing from one turn to the next on corduroy and steep chalk. Mild tip rocker enhances maneuverability and eases initiation. It’s quick and nimble in bumps and trees and tackles crud without shaking. Easy to disengage and skid, the Lotta Luv earned a high versatility rating. A real game-improvement tool.
October 6, 2010
The pronounced rocker of a powder ski can be a detriment on groomed snow, causing tips to flap and making turn initiation difficult. But like K2’s other groomer and all-mountain skis, the Burnin Luv has a subtle rocker that puts the ski’s forebody into a “pre-flexed” shape, so initiation takes less effort than it would with either pronounced rocker or none at all. The Burnin Luv carves groomers with ease and quickness, and it slays bumps and firm tree lines. It’s an accessible frontside tool for East or West.
October 6, 2010
This ultralight all-carbon carver is a great all-mountain choice for women who don’t want to work too hard pushing a heavier wood-core ski around. Best suited to well-manicured groomers—think sunny mornings on blue cruisers—it doesn’t have the width for more than a few inches of powder, and crud can send this featherweight stick bouncing. It dives eagerly into arcs and pulls confidently across the hill. Highly maneuverable, it prefers medium speeds. Skis this light can take some getting used to, but you’ll be surprised at the energy you’ll save.