A Tribute to Dads

Professional athletes, filmmakers and industry legends reflect on the perks of being a father.

Sage Cattabriga-Alosa
Professional Skier

“It’s still early in the learning process, but for me, raising future skiers or riders is all about a love of the outdoors. There has hardly been a day that they haven’t been outside for one to two hours a day since they were just a few months old. Rain or snow, above zero or below, they have been paraded around in their little chariot wagon.”  

“Being an athlete means I’m pretty flexible with my work hours, and I’d say parenting style is a bit on the wild side! A highlight of being a dad is seeing their little smiling faces in the morning to greet you each day.”

Tom Day
Former Warren Miller Athlete and Current Videographer

“Being an athlete has shaped how I approach parenthood by teaching me to chase and live the life I love. Seeing our children smile is a highlight. Recognizing, from their expression, that they are fully enjoying this place and time.”

“My best advice is to give your children all of your love and don’t be afraid to add a little discipline. Keep them smiling! Let them learn as much as they can on their own. Encourage them to explore all that’s around them.”

AJ Kitt
World Cup Alpine Ski Racer

“The secret to raising future skiers is to just have fun! Ski racing is a grind, and especially when you make it a career. So, when the kids are young, it needs to be fun to develop the passion. There is plenty of time to grind.”   

“My mantra to the kids is ‘work before play.’ That teaches discipline and a work ethic. It starts in the morning; they need to brush their teeth and comb their hair before they go goof off. And after school; homework gets done before sports practice.”  

“The highlight of being a dad is watching the kids push the envelope, and develop. When they develop a new skill, there is so much new confidence gained.” 

Josh Haskins
Warren Miller Entertainment Executive Producer

“When teaching my girls to ski, we just make sure everyone’s having fun. If you’re not having fun then something is wrong. There are too many other pressures in life to be stressed about skiing.”

“Skiing together creates a bond. It’s an activity that allows us to create family experiences and lasting memories, a reason to travel, explore, and exercise together. I love watching my kids grow and develop their strong, individual personalities. It all happens so quick.”

Jonny Moseley
Former Olympian and Professional Skier

“I try to remember that everything is a step. Wearing gloves, and walking in ski boots are acquired skills. When getting the kids on the hill, start the clock with that. You may end up with ten to twenty minutes of actual skiing but that is fine. Go early. The longer you delay the start time, the better chance they get the iPad going…”

“Quick recovery from losing, mistakes, tough days and setbacks is what makes an athlete good. I try to apply the same thing to parenting. Plus, early to bed, early to rise makes good athletes, good kids and good dads. “ 

“One highlight of being a dad is I have a permanent crew to run with.” 

Chris Patterson
Warren Miller Entertainment Director of Cinematography

“The trick to raising skiers is to start ‘em on those warm, sunny spring days. But to be honest, they love a snowy, windy day in February just as much you do.  And first and foremost, Swedish Fish... in our family, skiing isn't complete without a pocket full of Swedish Fish. And of course, hot chocolate and french fries.”

“In all my years of filming our movies around the globe, I have such an appreciation for culture, local customs, landscapes and the importance of adventure. So of course, I try to make every day some kind of adventure for my girls to learn, experience and grow.” 

“I love coming home to them after a few weeks away working and seeing their glowing faces, smiling and telling me stories of their adventures.  But I think they are really only actually interested in the gifts I have brought home from the exotic places I was filming…”

Eric Henderson
Industry Veteran and a Skiing Badass

"At age 2, start putting their ski boots on in the Fall and have them walk around the yard. The temptation is to head for the lift - skip that for age 3. At an early age, they need momentum and long runout. Grab a cold beer and find a small hill near the lodge and let them feel the speed."

"As an athlete, you learn self-reliance, independence, and discipline. As a parent, you try to teach your children these same values."

"Watching your kids discover their boundaries and sharing them with you is a magical thing. There is never a bad day being a dad."