An Interview with Producer Josh Haskins

Josh Haskins, a thirteen-year veteran of production at Warren Miller Entertainment, shares a few things that WME fans can expect to see in next year's film.

In the house of Warren Miller Entertainment, there is no rest for the weary when it comes to the production side. The people behind these iconic films work hard all year long; luckily, this passionate crew finds joy in their work – not to mention a few perks, like powder skiing and travel.

Instead of taking a hard-won vacation to the tropics for a month, the production crew gets right back to work as soon as they release a film each fall. “The islands for a month, no, I wish. We usually get going on pre-production when we deliver the current film, essentially rolling one film into the next!” said Josh Haskins, a thirteen-year veteran of production at WME. “I tend to split my time off between early summer before post production gets crazy, and late fall once the movie rolls out into the theaters. I travel so much for the job that sometimes it's nice just to chill at home,” he said.

The production team meets each week and brainstorms concepts for months about what should be a part of the upcoming film. “Usually all fall we are bouncing ideas off each other, and honing in on what will actually go into the movie. So many ideas, places and people, but only ninety minutes in the film to convey it all,” said Haskins.

Production is known for keeping the chosen concepts and themes tightly under wraps, yet Haskins shared a few things that audiences can expect to see in the next movie. According to Haskins, the team will be focusing on taking advantage of ever-evolving new camera technology, fresh faces, a build up to the Winter Olympics, and possibly an exotic location or two we have never filmed before. “We're excited for the possibilities this year,” he said.

On top of staying current with athletes, changes in the sport, and locations, the WME crew works every year to stay abreast of new filming technology, such as the Phantom Flex camera and POV footage. “I am going into production on my 14th feature film, every film offers new challenges and creative processes…so much has changed over a short time,” said Haskins.

However, what has not changed much is how to tell a good story, and to keep the viewers intrigued throughout the film. For any aspiring snow sports film producer, Haskins offers the following advice: “To pull the audience in, you need a combination of great snow, great talent, and great story content. You'll lose the audience if all you show is back to back action, there needs to be a balance, a flow that draws the viewer in.”

As far as specifics of ideas or the exotic new locations that the team has settled on so far, Haskins was less forthcoming. “It’s too early to disclose all that, but we'll keep fans aware of our progress throughout the winter on the website. Expect to see lots of behind the scenes content online as we film this year.”