Chris Anthony's Youth Initiative Project

The Mission of the Chris Anthony Youth Initiative Project is to improve quality of life through introducing youth to educational enrichment opportunities.

Warren Miller Entertainment is proud to partner up with Warren Miller Athlete Chris Anthony and his Youth Initiative Project. Do you have a 4th or 5th Grader? Set up a school visit with Chris Anthony. In his school visits, Chris calls upon segments from Warren Miller films he has appeared in over the last 24 years to take kids on a global journey with a simple message: if you can dream it, than set a goal for yourself and reach for it.

To learn more about his Youth Initiative Project which includes school visits, visit

The Chris Anthony Youth Initiative Project will launch it’s scholarship program in 2013/2014. The goal is to provide financial assistance or scholarship through relationships with creditable organizations to deserving youth who have an interest in educational enrichment opportunities or courses in the field of athletics, music, academics, and arts.

Would you like to support this opportunity? Be part of the Project’s Scholarship Fund. Make a tax-deductible donation here:


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