When do you feel most confident?
After an amazing ski run, especially if I hiked up it beforehand.

When do you feel most insecure?
When I'm indoors, puzzling over some sort of organizational or computer task -- not my strongsuit.

Do you have any notable accomplishments in skiing? Awards?
12 Powder Awards (Reader Poll and Best Female Performance), recently named one of the Ten Best American Freeskiers of All Time by ESPN

Who is/are your hero(s) in life outside of skiing?
My parents, my grandma, and my fiance Jim.

If you weren't a professional athlete, what would be your dream job?
A doctor, if I could hack it.

Any final thoughts for us?
Thanks for always being so awesome--it's such a pleasure to film with Warren Miller and work with all of the amazing skiers, camera-people, editors, and everyone else.