What do you enjoy doing to give your body a break? (Recovery routine, healing tips, etc.) Reading! I adore reading. Aside from being in the mountains, the library is my happy place. Reading gives my mind a complete escape from whatever I am doing. As far as my body goes - rolling out my IT bands and back on a foam roller and using a lacrosse ball to release hot spots definitely helps immensely in keeping me healthy.

Can you tell us about some of the gear you were using in your segment with WME? Everything in Helly Hansen's new freeride line, the ULLR Collection, was on point. I was touring and skiing in their Aurora Shell outfit and the three layer Helly Tech Professional fabric with a new air permeable membrane offered fantastic breathability as I made my way up the mountain, so I was dry (as opposed to super sweaty) after touring for a few hours. When the temperatures dropped, the Verglas Down Insulator was the perfect midlayer addition- incredibly lightweight at only 18 ounces so carrying or wearing it never slowed me down, yet it still has 700 fillpower allied goose down for maximum warmth. My Smith Vantage helmet not only kept my most important tool safe (my brain), it’s 21 vents also helped me regulate my temperature with ease. And my Smith I/O7 goggles made every vista clear and crisp regardless of the weather- the 5x antifog system is legit, plus the lenses are super easy to switch. I skied on my Icelantic Nomads the entire trip. The Nomad is an all mountain ski that allowed me to charge down huge faces with enough clearance to plow through any type of variable conditions, yet it also is extremely high performance so that when I dropped into a technical line, I had the agility and accuracy to thread the needle! Paired with Marker F12 bindings they were an ideal setup for the burliness and diversity of AK.

Other than professional athlete, what is your dream job? Any outlet that allows me to encourage people to unabashedly be themselves is the dream… I would love to have my own nationally syndicated radio show/podcast. Warren Miller is giving me a chance on Peak3 Radio, so thanks to them I am getting phenomenal experience! I would also love to be a writer in some capacity. Talking and writing- anyone that knows me will not be shocked by this.

Most memorable moment filming with WME this year? (good or bad) It was a gray bird day - not really worth shooting, so as a group we headed out for a camera-free joyride to ski “Rest Day” Couloir. It barely gets any light so putting tracks in it was no big deal since we would never ski it for the film. It was only about a 90 minute tour to the top and it was great to see [Warren Miller cameraman] Tom Day without his huge pack- just enjoying the moment. As we arrived to the top of the couloir the sun poked through the clouds giving us a lovely scene. As we dropped in, one by one, it brought my soul such joy to witness the childlike excitement and deep passion we have for this sport and this landscape. Not that the camera ruins an experience, but no one was worried about position or light or timing, it was just about having a good time. Skiing in a Warren Miller film is such an honor and privilege, but you can get caught up in your own ego or allow the stress of “getting the shot” cloud how present you are. That day was a reminder why we started to do this crazy thing in the first place. As Tom Day so eloquently said to me and Marcus Caston, with a huge grin on his face before dropping in, “skiing is fun.”

Your idea of a perfect vacation sans skiing? Being somewhere that you can immerse yourself in their culture for a while. Try it on, so to speak. I like to go to new places and not just see the sights, but also relax in their scene. See what it would be like to live that life, if only for a few days. I love to observe and partake in that new slice of humanity. That is what makes a fun vacation fun for me.

Mantra to live by? Laugh often.

Tunes to ski to? I am the most unoriginal of music lovers. I truly do love music, but it is really just an amalgam of what I hear on friend's stereos and playlists that speaks to me. I adopt a song here and there which explains my completely random and varied collection of music. Right now it is an interesting dichotomy of electronica and folk music!