Photos by Mike Arzt

Current favorite piece of gear? Why?
My AVALON7 Mesh Faceshield is my favorite piece of gear, winter or summer, because I am fair skinned and really like to hide my face from the sun and snow. The Meshtek fabric is super breathable so it doesn't fog my goggles or sunglasses, or make me feel claustrophobic when I put it over my face.

How do you like spending your down days?
Flyfishing and making art.

Fondest memory from learning to ski or ride?
I vividly remember taking my board up to Teton Pass to try to ride powder in the backcountry for the first time. I had only tried to snowboard a few times on a icy road behind my house up until that point. I remember dropping in and finding that effortless moment of flow that riding powder gives you, and I was hooked for life.

Do you have any hidden talents?
I can Tuvan Throat Sing. I'm still working on my volume, but I can do it.

What would your superpower be?
I just want to fly.

Spirit animal?
The Raven.

What career accomplishment are you most proud of?
Winning the US Open of Snowboarding halfpipe.

Do you have any pets? What are their names?
I have two cats - Ash and Cinder. And my lady has a Jack Russell named Scrappy.

Can you speak any other languages? What other languages would you like to learn?
I can speak Spanish fluently, and I do really well with Japanese. I can get by in French, and I know how to say thank you in about 10 other languages.

What is your biggest goal/something you hope to achieve in your ski career?
To inspire more people to turn off their phones and go outside and discover the amazing power of snowboarding and being immersed in the mountains. I feel like modern culture is getting more and more disconnected from who we truly are as beings rooted in nature. Snowboarding allows you to interact intimately with the mountains and the snow in a way that is primal and healing to modern people who have become so enamored with their computers and their phones, which constantly lure us away from reality with their promise of entertainment and meaning, but always leave us searching for more. I find true happiness, sanity and presence of mind in the mountains as I ride my snowboard, and I want to share that feeling with the rest of the world.