[ January 31, 2010 - 7:11pm ]



Friday kicked off the start of the film shoot at the Gothics. Josh Haskins and I came in from Boulder, Colorado; Chris Patterson arrived from Bozeman, Montana; Ilja Herb flew in from Victoria, BC; Jonny Moseley rolled in from the Bay Area.

It was pretty much go from the time we got of the plane. Josh and Chris got to know the greater Calgary area driving around to camera supply stores to pick up lighting, home improvement centers and at least one liquor store to buy a case of Corona.

I headed to Air Canada cargo to pick up the cineflex camera that we are mounting on the 407. After picking up 5 cases of camera gear (approximate value = my house) it was time to head to the Alpine Helicopters base in Canmore, AB to drop the cineflex off.

Saturday we picked up Mark Hyrma the cineflex operator, loaded up the van with camera gear, ski and ski gear bags and started the drive to the Gothics.

The first stop was at Alpine Helicopters to drop Mark Hyrma off to install the cineflex. The 407 was back in Canmore after a killer week of skiing at CMH Bobbie Burns. After a quick tune up and camera mount the 407 will fly out the Gothics on Sunday.

We rolled into the Gothics around 6...and no bags came off the top of the Van.

Probably because Yogi supervised the loading to account for the fools (us) loading the van. Andy Mahre got in from Yakima, Washington around 8 after an all day drive. In true CMH style the film crew immediately jumped in and helped unload the food truck.

Then it was time to get the gear ready to start the process for real in the morning. Chris and Josh loaded up film...yes film...shooting on film and transfer HD digital later and got the gear ready.

Tomorrow we head out for the first day of shooting. Hopefully I will have some good pictures and maybe some video of what is going on behind the scenes. Read more here.