[ February 1, 2010 - 6:47pm ]



We woke up to clouds and light snow on the first day of filming...but it's canada so that does not mean we are sitting around the lodge waiting for something to break. We headed out and did some tree skiing....

...and it was GO from the gun for the skiers. After about a 100 meter warm up ski Jonny and Andy were checking out lines off a cliff band while Chris, Josh and Ilja got the cameras set up. That is the tough part for the skiers...filming sounds fun...and it is...but there is a lot of waiting as the shot is set up. The skiers sometimes have to ski some pretty challenging lines not being totally warmed up or having stood around for awhile.

We worked the trees and different pillow lines all day and got some great footage and Jonny, Andy, Lindsay and Craig skiing some good lines.

We got back to the lodge and then had some good evening light so we did some ship to ship shooting with the 212 and the cineflex on the 407.

Here is a quick 30 second video (can't give too much away...you will have to go see the movie...or come to a CMH promo event in the fall of 2010).

Will post a new video tomorrow. Read more here.