[ February 5, 2010 - 1:06pm ]



This will be my last post from the film shoot. I have a 6 year olds birthday party to make it home to before heading back out to the areas next week...some things are more important the skiing and making movies.

For this post we are (mostly) turning away from the action in the mountains to looking behind the scenes for a shot the crew did at night using the 212. I am not going to give detail as to why the crew was shooting at night...you will have to go see the movie.

Chris Patterson and Josh Haskins spent a couple of hours rigging up lights and dolly tracks for a shot around the 212 at night.

Roger the 212 pilot spun up the rotors for the crew and turned on the strobes and rotating red light to make it a really cool scene.

We had some light snow falling and the shot took on a dream like feel. Andy and Jonny had some pretty funny non-skiing scenes that I am really excited to see in the finished product.

So far it has been a really great shoot. The weather is supposed to be getting better over the next couple of days so hopefully we will get some sunny skiing in for the film.

The skiing today was fantastic and anyone headed up to the Gothic is going to have a great week next week I think. We have been getting snow almost every night.

This quick video has some behind the scenes footage that as shot over the first 5 days or so. Read more here.