[ April 5, 2010 - 12:02pm ]



Sometimes it’s hard to know what the day will bring? following a few all time kant-mak-em’s, I loosely made a plan while soaking in the second to last apre ski of the season. All we had decided was to bring skins and go for a tour. The afternoon turned to evening, and the skies had cleared for morning.

Excited to ski something a little bigger, I was sure to catch the first round of chairs in the morning. Standing in line I was fortunate to meet up with the right skiers. A few others had similar prospects for the day. Making the pilgrimage up the lifts, it was apparent the wind had howled all night . Lines that appeared filled in the day before seemed a bit thinner. I had high hopes of skiing the Grand Dad couloir however, anything on the little Wasatch face would do.

Making our way across the upper Bear Creek drainage there would be six of us who converged to ski the Little Wasatch face. All friends, all stoked to ski, it was easily decided to let Dylan and Dave go for the Grand Dad first. We would either wait for them to exit safely or choose to ski a different line. We settled for the 11’s.

It’s not all about the powder. Navigating through wind scoured snow it was comforting that the snow did not feel like it wanted to move. Our first view down the chute revealed a narrow crux and a significant runnel.

Entering the chute we were greeted by a small down climb. grippy yet firm snow split by the runnel, with constant flow in the runnel,we made our way down one turn at a time to the exit. Huge stoke factor, psyched to reach the ground floor!

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