[ October 24, 2010 - 1:47pm ]



Oh Canada!

The Warren Miller ‘Wintervention’ film tour has officially kicked off up here in Canada, and the crowds in Calgary arrived ready to celebrate the oncoming winter season. WME film premieres have already played Stateside in towns such as Aspen, Colorado and Orem, Utah, and we have now rolled out the carpets for the Canadian audiences.

It’s Friday night, and the first two shows slated on the newly minted Canadian tour landed us here in Calgary, where the weather allows for shorts and sandals, while the nearby Rocky Mountain range affords us views of the first Albertan snowfall. This is a prime recipe for stewing up some ski and snowboard big-screen High-Definition action. With a new tour crew, and new destinations for WME, we are excited to be sharing the fruits of our labors with the fans that keep coming back for more. Barring the change in venue, the folks who have showed up at the Jack Singer Concert Hall are cheering hard, filling the prestigious auditorium with booming noise.

As emcee for the tour, it is awesome to feed off the energy of the attendees, and as you can see by the included video, people have arrived dressed for the part. Goggles on a little nine-year old girl, who insists she would have worn her skis if only they would have survived the walk to the premier. Or how about the trio of shredsters who put on their ski bum colors and are trotting along in full outerwear, rocking it throughout the whole show. That’s dedication. Dedication rewarded with some awesome gear toss-outs from the stage at intermission, courtesy of our friends at Spyder Canada and the Ski Cellar Snowboard.

Sponsors were thanked, the play button was pushed, and the theatre darkened for the first of many times on our Canadian tour, all to the hoots and hollers of an amped up crowd. It is an amazing experience for me too, as this is the first time I have had a chance to see the segment featuring my late friend Arne Backstrom. He was a leader in the skiing world, epitomizing the term gentleman skier, and his legacy lives on through the Arne Backstrom Memorial Fund. To learn more about Arne or more about the fund, visit www.ArneBackstrom.com.

That’s it for the Calgary stop until next year. Up Next: Toronto, Ontario. In the meantime, our little crew will be catching some Calgary Hitmen hockey games (thanks in part to our sports liaison and projectionist, A.J. Pacheco) and skateboarding around the city, getting to know all the best places to find a healthy serving of poutine (french fries topped with cheese curds and brown gravy; a Canadian staple).

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too bad me missed the event.

too bad me missed the event. well there is always red deer or banff or castle