[ October 20, 2010 - 7:23pm ]



On Monday, October, 19th Road Crew 2 loaded into the minivan at 5:00 a.m. for the drive to Denver International Airport from Boulder, en route to Salt Lake City, Utah. Upon arrival in "The Beehive Sate", we spent the rest of the morning picking up the Ryder truck and loading equipment that was waiting at air cargo. We nestled into our rooms at the Embassy Suites then punished ourselves by hitting up a Bikram Yoga session. By the time the 90 minute class wrapped up, we were ready to take advantage of the Managers Reception (free Happy Hour) at the hotel.

Tuesday morning, rested and ready, the Ryans (3) and Kelsey (1) pulled into Whole Foods for some heady nourishment, then headed to Orem, Utah for set-up at the site of the first show at the Xango Theatre. After a smooth set up the crew waited; ready to rock.
Once the crowd rolled in, most of the work was done. The movie took care of the heavy lifting for the rest of the evening. The crowd loved the free swag and the classic Warren Miller film style; everyone left happy.

After the show, the crew met at the local Applebees, which happens to be the “it” spot on Tuesday nights in Orem. A few beers were shared with expedition stud and Wintervention athlete Doug Stoup. The drinks tasted extra good, as the official start of winter had gone off without a hitch. Tomorrow, it’s wash, rinse, and repeat, as more people are preparing to get themselves ready to go for the season that lies ahead. Lots of love from the road! Now, it’s time for bed.

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Is the guy second from the

Is the guy second from the right the guy from my name is Earl? Looking forward to seeing you guys on the 20th

Thanks for bringing us ski

Thanks for bringing us ski porn, guys! We love it.

I can't wait for the season!!!

Sounds like the Bikram yoga's

Sounds like the Bikram yoga's the toughest part of the whole deal! Have fun and don't work too hard!

We're chompin' at the bit in

We're chompin' at the bit in Detroit too! The Royal Oak shows are always a hit (take the alcohol to your seat!) and now Ann Arbor is on board. We're hoping to have original Warren-type humor this year too!

And boarders? Well, the jury is still out on them. We're not so sure they go to the movies....


That's not how the road crews

That's not how the road crews did it back in my day. We had chartered jets, robo-roadies to do all the lifting, our own private chef, and the projectionist got a foot massage and was hand-fed grapes and chocolate throughout every show. Sorry to hear you've cut back a bit, fellas. Big Al, keep 'em in line. Congrats on a smooth start to the tour. Bring on winter! Cheers,
former road-grunt Hammy

Good times!! Can't wait for

Good times!! Can't wait for Seattle!!