[ November 3, 2010 - 9:08pm ]



Crew 3 is on a roll after wrapping up our fifth show. Life on the road is good...

Madison was cheddary goodness. Cheese curds, bratwurst, awesome peeps, and mandatory bull riding for all four crew members. Need I say more? The Barrymore Theater was killer as the Midwest is made up of real deal skiers and riders. Good times!

Next stop, Milwaukee. Can you say hit and run? We pulled into town and went straight to the one and only Pabst Theater; what a sweet theater! The staff had a stocked green room for the crew and the crowd was amped and rowdy for good reason. Maybe it was the $3 beers or maybe it was the fact that they needed some Wintervention. No rest for the weary. We loaded out and drove through the night to Minneapolis.

We arrived at the State Theater one day prior to the Vikings/Packers game, gaining some serious momentum at this point. Crew 3 rocked out another wild show. full of stoked fans. Especially the lucky young man that got to pull the winning names out of Casey's prive bin.(see picture) The crew was rewarded with a day of football and some well deserved Corona's.

That's it for now. We are starting to think we may have a problem. The only answer seems to be... Stay on the road!

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