[ November 23, 2010 - 3:27am ]



Road Crew 6 has officially “Winterventioned” Canada. For the past five weeks Emcee Chris Tatsuno, Production Manager A.J. Pacheco, Sponsor Liaison A.J. Hobbs, and Road Crew 6 Manager Justin Dersham have been spreading the winter stoke by presenting Warren Miller Entertainments’ Wintervention ski and snowboard film to the great people of Canada. It has been an epic journey.

Starting with the cozy feel of Calgary a day trip up to Banff National Park gave a hint that winter is creeping in. The hustle bustle of Toronto provided an exciting Halloween treat. Winnipeg’s flat prairie land didn’t stop the locals from coming out to see big mountain riding at its best. The fine French-Canadian delicacies of Montreal rejuvenated the crew at its tour’s half waypoint. After a week in Vancouver it was apparent that the news of snow in the mountains and opening days in the near future stirred the excitement in the souls of snow enthusiasts. It all wrapped up in true Canadian fashion with snowstorms and icy temperatures in Edmonton that pierced the layers and rattled the bones as if old man winter himself was breathing down your neck, wiiinter, wiiinterrr…

These were first tracks for Warren Miller Entertainment, as it was their first time presenting the film in Canada. It was definitely a learning experience. With new sponsors, venues, language and more it made for a windy road with unexpected twists and turns keeping the crew on its toes. By and by the film was shown, the people were excited, and once again winter was officially kicked off!

Crew 6 successfully crossed the border and is currently waiting in Salt Lake City to see if its gear can make it across the border as simply as they did. Once the gear arrives they will be en route to Sun Valley Idaho for some Thanksgiving shows. They are thankful for many things, especially all the positive energy they got from the great people of Canada as well as the sight of the snow covered Wasatch Mountains! For everyone in Sun Valley come show your thanks as the Crist Brothers will be on hand for the Friday and Saturday night shows, and Sun Valley resort opens November 25. WME will show their thanks to you coming out by giving you an epic movie, lots of free prizes, and a free lift ticket to Soldier Mountain. So come on out, spread the Winter Stoke and make that snow accumulate, WINTERVENTION HAS ARRIVED!

Written by, A.J. Hobbs, Crew 6 Sponsor Liaison