[ November 1, 2010 - 3:37pm ]



4 shows, 3 sell-outs, and lots of rowdy ski-bums. Within the past week, the Ryans and I have found our stride. It doesn't take long to get into a rhythm out on the road, but it does take a little time to learn the ins and outs of the job, and to get used to one another's habits. We all had to adjust to Ryan Callaghan's grooming habits, for example, as he has a mustache that needs to be trimmed/waxed on an almost daily basis. It's that kind of thing you really have to work into the schedule.

Our shows in Ogden were at the Egyptian Theatre, which is a great venue for ski flicks. Clean and casual, the staff is super friendly, and you can even bring a beer/soda into your seat! It always improves our view of a city when the the folks who live there come out to the show. In Ogden, they showed up in droves. People were queued up an hour before the doors opened! Inside, the Ogdenonians blew the roof off the place, which is especially impressive because the shows were midweek. Thanks to everyone who came out and made it such a great event both nights!

Friday morning, it was time to pack up, and head to Park City. Ryan Isaacson and I took the van, and Ryan Callaghan and Ryan Thompson took the box truck and picked up a few more Snow World magazines from the warehouse to meet up with us later. By the time we checked into our hotel and grabbed a quick lunch, it was time to load-in to the Eccles Theatre in Park City, where the show was set to go off. The Marriott was our 6th hotel stay in a little over two weeks. Pretty crazy, huh? All of the traveling, loading and unloading is probably the most taxing part of the job. Keeping track of your personal belongings, the projection equipment (5 huge Pelican cases that live in the hotel rooms with us) and misc. food stuffs gets to be a pain. No complaints though, the occasional lost sock or pair of underwear does nothing to slow us down. No whiners in this group!

The Eccles Theatre (rhymes with freckles) is attached to Park City High School, and also serves as a Sundance Film Festival Venue. It fits about 1,250 people, and every single seat was filled on Friday night. As the locals packed in, it would've been nearly impossible not to get excited for the upcoming ski season with everyone in the crowd slow-clapping in reel 1 of the film. A rainy day didn't stop folks from coming out on Saturday either as we were just a few seats shy of our 4th straight sell-out.

If you've never been to Park City for halloween, you should do so. The people watching was outstanding. From Chilean miners, to "the senior girls" from Dazed and Confused, we saw it all. Main street was hopping on the last night. By the time we called it a night, a 7 eleven stop was in order. Chili Dogs, Taquitos and nachos served as a perfect end cap to a week well lived. We were bushed. There's no rest for the weary, though. Tomorrow, it's off to Seattle, WA, our second state on the tour. It's time to get some laundry done before our travel day. Pacific Northwest, here we come. Thanks Utah, it's been fun!

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