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After eating all the poutine that was humanly possible we had to part ways with Canada, and head back to the States. We returned to the US after accomplishing many goals! We took a dip in Lake Louise in Banff, did a chicken dance on the Athabasca Glacier, made some GREAT Canadian friends, and, of course, lit the fire in the eyes of all the snow crazed skiers and riders in Calgary and Ottawa.

We were mid show when the skies opened and graced Ottawa with their first dump of their ski season. And only twelve hours later, we were elbow to elbow in downtown San Francisco at “The Bus Stop” on Union St. to witness the Giants first WORLD SERIES in history…I don’t consider myself a superstitious person, but I am beginning to think that The Crew 1 Road Dogs carry a little luck wherever we go!

We didn’t have much time in San Fran, but we managed to tackle just about everything in the “Tourist for Dummies” handbook: tandem biking over the Golden Gate Bridge, eating clam chowder out of sourdough bread bowls, hangin with the sea lions down on Fisherman’s Wharf, and jumping on cable cars with no destination in mind. After our sightseeing escapades were complete we had nothing else to do but dominate shows at Mt. View and Livermore. Itching for powder, people came out of the woodworks to get a quick fix until the lifts open. Next thing we knew, we were unloading our gear at the beautiful historic Castro Theater in San Francisco. The theater was built in 1922 and is one of the few remaining movie palaces in the nation from the 1920’s still in operation. I’m not sure if it was the pipe organ playing before the show, the exterior design reminiscent of a Mexican Cathedral, the classic motif murals covering the walls, or the marquee and the vertical neon sign glowing in the night that sent me right back to the 1920’s. Whoa! Needless to say the Castro Theater is truly a unique venue to present our baby, Warren Miller’s Wintervention.

Last night we swept thru Campbell, CA with the help of “Cuties California Clementines” and delivered just what the doctor ordered to the powder hungry people. Tonight we are finishing our first week of shows in the bay area at UC Berkeley’s Wheeler Auditorium. After the few weeks on the job I have learned a few things about the WME film tour. Number 1-Everyone loves skiing. EVERYONE. 2-The only person that doesn’t dive after a free tshirt, hat, or frisbee has already breathed their last breath. 3- If I ever mispronounce a winners name or fumble at the mouth, all I have to do is yell “GO GIANTS!” and I am as cool as a cucumber. I also have to thank all the vets in the “bizz”, especially the Road Dog’s tour manager Allan Hudock.

We are planning on getting out of the city tomorrow and taking a cruise down Highway 1 to check out some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. On Tuesday we head back to the heart of San Fran to do two shows at the Palace of Fine Arts. And to really sweeten the deal Jonny Moseley, Kip Garre, Reggie Crist, and Doug Stoup will be hangin’ out. See you at the Palace!

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Wintervention was an AWESOME

Wintervention was an AWESOME flick!!! Loved it! Love your crew and the fact that you always play in Pleasanton which makes seeing the film every year very convenient for me and my family. Can I make one little request please? Toss out more swag! Only 3 frisbees were given away this year, what the heck?
Anyway, happy ski season!!! Look forward to seeing you and the crew again next year!

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