[ December 6, 2010 - 11:00pm ]



It's been a short, but sweet visit here in Austria, and Hugo and I are now getting ready for a few hours of sleep before getting up at 4:30 am to head to the airport and fly back home. Thanks to awesome Simon who's picking us up early! You rock!

Check out more photos from my trip here.

I got in late on Friday and was stoked to come driving up to a white and beautiful Lech. Last time I was here was in March, filming with the Warren Miller Entertainment crew, it's not as much snow at back then, but it's so nice here!

Saturday was fun - and so cool to see everyone again; Sigi, Chris, Sascha, Lori, Hugo, Babtiste, and the reps from the US, Marc & Jesse and a lot of others in the Kastle Familia!

The dinner was awesome Sat night (the pictures below speaks for themselves), and I was stoked to see Chris, Stian & Andrea's film from Antarctica, Australis :An Antarctic Ski Odyssey, as I missed it when it was shown in Oslo last week! Really cool stuff from a place that seems (and is) so "deserted" and far away from our daily lives. Makes me really want to go there sometime and ski, somewhat just to see a penguin in real life. ;) Truly inspiring!

Chris also gave us a little info about his new book that's out now,"Fifty Classic Ski Decents of North America" :really cool book with SUCH amazing photos worth checking out!

We've skied a little, but also some shooting for next years skis & clothing which I'm VERY MUCH excited about! The mountaineering clothing has got some new colors and cool adjustments, sick backpacks, not to mention the sick skis that are in the works!

Today was gray and almost rainy, however, Peter "hardcore" Mathis got us around and did some magic with his flash so we got some potential photos in the end of the day after all!

One of the highlights was definitely to watch the giant slalom from Bever Creek last night! Obviously, Ted Ligety blew everyone away with that second run, but I am so stoked and proud of our Norwegian boys! Kjetil Jansrud KILLED it, Aksel L. Svindal was probably not psyched to be bumped down from the podium - still solid though, but man, Truls Ove Karlsen - WAY TO GO!

Alpine ski racing is so much fun to watch, although I thought there was a point when Aamot & Kjus were done that I thought that watching that sport would never be quite the same. I was terribly wrong! Headed back to Norway tomorrow, excited to hear it's not -25 in Hemsedal anymore, and hoping we're getting some more snow!

Thanks for a great trip Kastle!

- K