[ February 3, 2011 - 2:48pm ]



Our Warren Miller season is off to a start - not a particularly fast start - but we are getting there, this is normal, soon it will be full steam ahead and I won't recall the date, day or geographic location of my person. Some nice trips planned for the next couple of months.

In Aspen we shot a 3 part piece with skier Colby West, we are sort of recreating the last five years of his life all shot in his POV - so like Being John Malckovich. Here is a photo of Colby at the Powder Video Awards - notice the camera rig - Canon 5d with 14mm. The entire piece will be at most 90 seconds. He was a trooper - wore the camera rig all over the place at the X Games - capturing his life in it's current "Pro Skier" status - parties, training, friends, food, drink, more friends. It was very cool, next stop Breck for some of the back story pieces and his rise to fame.....

Thanks for checking in on me.