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Hi Everyone,

Just a quick thanks to all involved for helping make my dream of filming a segment on Mt. Washington a reality. New England threw all she had at us and we managed to capture a wonderful story and the true essence and spirit of the White Mountains and the skiing there. For me it truly was "back where it all begins" and the Allman Brothers song by that same name has been in my head this week. It might be the perfect song for the segment.

I'm off to Everest...

- Dav


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Look people it's TUCKERMANS

Look people it's TUCKERMANS RAVINE.. lived on rt 16. I have been skiing it for most of my 40+ years. yes it's steep ...fell before the head wall in 96, and lost a ski. 1800ft later had a 2 hour hike to get it,yes it's NH. but your still hiking 5200 over the head wall. when the treeline is at 3200.This year has been bad too much snow,,every other week we got a avalanch.22in on april 2 going to ski till june

The subject instantly grabbed

The subject instantly grabbed my attention! Then I realized it was not written by a local--correct name is Tuckerman Ravine. My son skied #3, The Chute, in May 2009. At the narrows his left toe binding failed and he cartwheeled to the base. His Stoekli skis remained as a memorial somewhere up hill. He quickly relocated his left shoulder, threw on his pack and hiked out to graduate from Norwich University 4 days later. He is back in Oregon now, but plans on returning to Tuckerman Ravine with his NU buddies.

Correction on date when I

Correction on date when I missed you guys it was March 17 when we went up . jlombardi1

pretty sure that picture is

pretty sure that picture is not the ranger hut, it is leanto #6 and on the left is the toilet shack, prime real estate, same low price ;-)

I have a few pics like that myself since I stay in that leanto for several days in a row many spring seasons.....

Hi, When where you at

Hi, When where you at Tuckerman? I may do some work there this spring and charter a copter for a few hours. Leighton

Hi Chris, Nice you were able

Hi Chris,

Nice you were able to get back home. I have an idea you guys should have tagged along with Roger. He was headed for powder and found lots of it.

Everest? Well I guess you'll miss the 2011 Mount Washington Memorial Day BBQ and Slackfest...but they be grillin' at Base Camp so you won't go hungry :-)

Best of luck with the Goddess.
Rob Roy Means

Errrr. Now I can't type. And

Errrr. Now I can't type. And can't edit my comment. Tried to say:

Sorry to nitpick, but it's Tuckerman Ravine, not Tuckerman's.

Hey Dav, Sorry to nitpick,

Hey Dav,

Sorry to nitpick, but it's Tuckerman Ravine, not Tuckerman. Some people in NH are gonna be wicked pissed if you get it wrong in next year's movie.


I believe that's at the

I believe that's at the ranger hut below the bowl at Hermit Lake. The view is sort of to the south, looking directly at Hillmans Highway. If the view was shifted just a bit to the right, you'd see the bowl.

Very glad to see Tucks make it to the film. It's about time!

Hi Chris, It's Jimmer, from

Hi Chris,
It's Jimmer, from SnowriderS! This is so cool. I can't figure out where you were in the image here. Huts I see, but the background looks so different from any angle I've seen.
I've hiked up there 4 times, 1 time on JULY 10th and SKIED! Ok, On just a small patch under the headwall, BUT I SKIED in July! Nowhere else but Tuckermans! Can't wait to see the footage! What month was this?
CAREFUL on Everest!
We worry bout ya!
Peace N' light
-Jimmer (now at the Top of Vermont! 1.8 from C-Eh?, N-Eh?, D-Eh?