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The quick back story of the 10th Mountain division piece for WME's 62nd film is this. I'm going to ski in and around the areas where the Mountain Troops of the 10thMountain Division trained between 1941 & 1946, prior to being deployed to fight in Italy. We have collected a number of interviews with the vets. We have tons of archive footage as well. So far,  we have had two days shooting interviews with the vets and three days getting some ski action shot. The first day of shooting ski action was tough. We were around Camp Hale where they lived.

This image is one of the old train tunnel just outside Camp Hale where trains traveled through. Train access through the Rockies was a key element to choosing the location for Camp Hale.  Day 4 was amazing and we're hoping today, Day 5, can match.

Below, we are testing actual gear that the troops used and filming with one of Warren Miller's true vintage cameras.

Read more about Chris Anthony and the 10th Mountain segment at Vail Daily Online.

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I am very much looking

I am very much looking forward to the film. My husband's father was with the 10th Mountain Division, participated in Riva's Ridge maneuver in Italy, and for the rest of his life, after the war, communicated and reunited with his fellow 10th Mountaineers who remained his great friends, I, too, listened to many stories. Life at Camp Hale was no picnic, but the men managed to work hard and enjoy the sport as much as the military innovations they were developing.Many of those who fought in WWII are no longer alive, but the Hut to hut system and the sport of skiing in the US they helped pioneer are their living legacy.I attended the very moving ceremony in the late 1970's at the 10th Mountain Memorial. Thank you! for making this film and for the authenticity the above video demonstrated you are striving for. 10t Mt. descendants are a small but proud bunch, proud of these men and their endurance and accomplishments! On behalf of my beloved father in law, Bill Boddington, I thank you for your stalwart contribution.

Thank you Chris for the care

Thank you Chris for the care and attention you and your team paid to our veterans during the ski-in, and for telling their story. The descendants of these men appreciate it and look forward to seeing the film. Steve Coffey Sr. Vice President National Assoc. of the 10th Mountain Division

Thanks for sharing nice

Thanks for sharing nice information and videos.

Good luck with the film...I

Good luck with the film...I can't wait to see it. My father was with the 10th Mountain Div. and I grew up listening to stories about his time training before they went to Italy...many funny stories..including on how they would go on ski marches uphill with skins on the skis, get to the top and be made to reverse the skins and march back down the other side instead of being able to ski down. Italy was not so funny.
I look forward to the film.