[ April 26, 2011 - 10:01pm ]
Tim Durtschi Blog

Tim Durtschi Blog

Tim Durtschi Blog

My trip to Points North Heli Adventures is complete, I got my best ski to day ratio ever, I was here 7 days and skied 5 of those. Our guide was Kip Garre, he took these photos of us during our shoot, I pulled them off the Points North Facebook page. Kip is the man, he has guided around the world, Antarctica, India and he rides for K2 and Mountain Hardware. You can’t ski in Alaska without a guide, and having a good guide is key to getting good shots. He showed us the best of the best, and it was never a question that we were going to get on the best stuff up here from the minute we walked in the door.


This run's called martini glass.

TD Blog1

Just ripping turns.

The rest of these pictures are from a guide JMack, he hung out with us on day one, but had a group for the rest of the week.

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My favorite line of the trip.

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