Bucket List: Across The USA

A Warren Miller Entertainment producer joins her dad in making his dream to bike 3,000 miles across the country a reality.

Day 1
San Diego, CA to Julian, CA 58.7 miles 

"Climbing the mountains you know it's tough And I'm glad going down ain't quite as rough Across the plains is surely fast
And I hope I just ain't the last
To ride
My bike
Across the USA
Cross the USA"

Lyrics from a song my dad wrote when he was 13 called “Across the USA". On April 15th we dipped our tires into the Pacific and headed east. Hopefully we'll get to St. Augustine, FL in six weeks. 

The quaint town of Julian is not on the classic southern bicycle route across the US, but rumor has it that if you make the 58-mile climb of more than 6,000 ft. elevation gain, you are a “serious” cyclist. With a reputation like that, my dad had to add Julian to our route. Having trained a total of zero days for the ride, I was unsure if my legs and butt would hold up. The uphill felt like it would never end, but when it did we celebrated the first day of turning a lifelong dream into reality.


Support along the way has been out-of-this-world amazing. Seeing Bailey Bowe (pictured here) with a sign and an enormous smile made those last few pedal strokes into Julian a breeze.

Day 2
Julian, CA to Brawley, CA 72.6 miles 

The first flat. 

The chase-mobile brings shade, Gatorade refills and a new layer of sunscreen. 

Day 4
Blythe, CA to Salome, AZ 64.7 miles 

The receptionist at our motel in Salome. Welcome to Arizona. 

First day in Zona needs a cactus picture. 

Randy’s Motel is a treasure hidden in the middle of the desert. 

(drone video)
On days like this, it’s hard to imagine that somewhere out there the road ends at an ocean. 

The queen of the chase-mobile and sunscreen aka mom. 

Day 7
Phoenix, AZ to Globe, AZ 80.8 miles 

My bike was stolen early in the morning on day seven. Shock and anger set in immediately. We searched and searched and finally came to the realization that it was gone. It was hard to not let this change the mood of the entire trip, but there was no question as to whether we would keep pedaling or not. I saddled up on the bike my dad had been riding and my dad hopped on the spare. We left the city and with each pedal stroke, the anger melted away.

When planning the trip, my dad decided to bring an extra bike in case we needed it for parts. Good thing. 

Day 9
Thatcher, AZ to Duncan, AZ 42.3 miles 

Man on a bike. 

My boyfriend, Jake joined the trip as the new chase-mobile driver. Here he questions whether or not that was a good idea. 

Day 10
Duncan, AZ to Silver City, NM 80.1 miles 

The tailwind gods pushed us all the way up and over the Gila mountains in New Mexico. The chase-mobile caught up to us at the continental divide and I was able to indulge in a leftover slice (or two). 

Made it to the highest point on the southern route. 


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