Bucket List: Across The USA Part 3

A Warren Miller Entertainment producer joins her dad in making his dream to bike 3,000 miles across the country a reality.

Day 20
Kerrville, TX to Johnson City, TX
71 miles 

The chase-mobile gave out in Del Rio. While it got repaired we continued to pedal unsupported. Our packs contained a toothbrush, change of clothes, spare tubes, hand pump and a few granola bars. The grass started getting taller, trees became more frequent and the air got thicker. We had made it past the half-way point. 

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Friends of the road.

Day 23
La Grange, TX to New Waverly, TX
107 miles 


My freshman college roommate, Carolyn, rescued the chase-mobile from Del Rio and drove a good distance to catch up with us. Even after a rough hundred mile day, she kept us laughing.

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Day 25
Silsbee, TX to DeRidder, LA 
75 miles 


Fresh fruit and veggies were nearly impossible to find but donut shops were around every corner.


Almost half of the trip was spent in Texas. Finally we made it to the eastern border and pedaled into Louisiana.


The mighty steeds taking a well deserved rest.

Day 26
DeRidder, LA to Ville Platte, LA
76.7 miles 


Cajun Country


Mia drove the Louisiana leg. She showed up ready to indulge in the southern culture and was especially excited about the swamp pop music scene.

Day 28
New Roads, LA to Jackson, LA
27 miles 


The Mississippi


A long awaited crossing

Day 29
Jackson, LA to Bogalusa, LA
100 miles 


Cruising through Louisiana 


The last few pedal strokes of a 100-mile day. 

Day 30
Bogalusa, LA to Biloxi, MI
84 miles 


State-line crossings started to become frequent. We spent two days in Mississippi. The finish was on the horizon.

Day 31
Biloxi, MI to Perdido Beach, FL
120 miles 


We got an early start and prepared for the day with chocolate chip waffles and grits. The 120 miles took us through the rest of Mississippi, across Alabama and over the Florida state-line. Lisa drove the chase-mobile from Jackson to Biloxi and kept spirits high with road side dances and cold lemonade.


Biloxi boardwalk


The ferry took us from Daulphine Island, AL to Fort Morgan, AL which sits 33 miles from Florida. We were soaked to the bone for most of the day but the rain cleared for 45 minutes as we crossed Mobile Bay.


At the start of the trip we took guesses at what our total flat count would be. My dad guessed five and I said seven. Here, he's changing the eighteenth tire. 

Day 32
Perdido Beach, FL to Crestview, FL
92 miles 


Kate met us for a few days in Perdido Beach to soak up some Florida rain and chow down on sub-par crab cakes and delivery pizza.


Moments before Kate and I jumped into the Gulf.

Day 34
Marianna, FL to Tallahassee, FL
72 miles


Storm clouds off in the distance gave us a boost of energy. We pedaled fast and missed the rain until the last hour through Tallahassee.


Tunnel of trees 


Spanish moss lined the Florida back roads.

Day 37
Gainesville, FL to St.Augustine, FL
98 miles 

2,985 miles later


Dad, thanks for showing me the importance of adventure and chasing dreams. I'll remember this trip forever.