Catching Up With Aaron Blunck

Taking 3rd place at the USSA Grand Prix, buying a home and his fun-focused road to the 2018 Olympics.

Aaron Blunck is the youngest professional athlete featured in Here, There & Everywhere (2016). The 20-year-old podiumed this past weekend at Copper Mountain at the 2016 USSA Grand Prix after outshining most competitors on his 3rd run by incorporating a double 900, switch right 720 and barely squeezing in a right double 1260, earning him a score of 87.00. Blunck was the winner of the 2016 Grand Prix in Park City in February of 2016, finished seventh place in halfpipe at the Winter Games in Sochi and has taken four trips to the XGames. He’s Colorado native with a friendly smile and is committed to consistently finding the fun in his competitive skiing career. 

Are the 2018 Olympics on your mind right now? What are the main goals for this next year?
The 2018 Olympics are definitely on my mind constantly. I try to forget about it and just ski but it is definitely heavy on my mind. My goals for this season are to really just get me ready for next season. I want to make sure this year is nothing but fun! I of course want to do my best this season in competitions but most importantly I really want to make sure that this season is just all fun! After last season I had fun every day skiing and my goal is to have the same outlook on the season as I did last year. 

At Sochi you competed in the Half Pipe, why not Slopestyle as well?
I would love to be able to compete in both halfpipe and in slopestyle but because there are so many people doing slopestyle it is hard to get a spot for the qualifiers. I still compete in open slope-styles and whatever I can because I still really enjoy it but it’s just hard to get spots. 

Other than the Olympic team, what other accomplishments in skiing are you proudest of?
The Olympic team is definitely my most proud moment in my skiing, but other than that, winning the Park City Grand Prix this past season was a very proud moment for me. Also making the X games for the past 4 years has been more than just a dream, so I am very proud of that.   

You mentioned you just bought a place in Crested Butte. Meaning you’re a 20-year-old homeowner now, that’s impressive. What was that process like?
Buying a home at 20-years-old is definitely a surreal feeling. It seemed like things were very stressful at first but once you start the process it kind of just flows and then next thing you know you are moving in. It seemed like time flew by and the process seemed to get easier and easier. 

Is it weird living down the street from your folks? Does this mean you see yourself in CB long-term?
Living just down the street from my parents is actually awesome. Whenever I need something I can just call them and cruise over to their house for some help. I definitely see myself living in CB long term. Since I was a kid I always had a huge love for this place and as time as gone by I have learned to love it more and more each year. Each year I am on the road traveling constantly it is nice to come back home to a place that I know and that I can just come back and hide away for a little bit. 

You were rocking a mullet in our film this year, yes? We have to ask, what the heck was that about?
(Laughs) The mullet started off as a joke and I only meant to have it for a couple weeks but then everyone loved it and kept convincing me to keep it so I ended up keeping it for 3 months. It became part of my personality and part of my life. I miss that thing…

And your hair is bleached right now, what’s the story on that move?
Well I have always been about doing funny things to my hair because why not it always just grows back. So this fall when I was down in New Zealand we had our 3rd off day in a row due to weather so I decided why wouldn't a guy…

Your segment in the is about your home mountain, Crested Butte Resort. We feature a portion about your Grandfather’s impact on that mountain. What does that impact feel like for you?
Getting to film in Crested Butte was a dream come true. Crested Butte has some of the best skiing to offer in the lower 48 so it was amazing to get to showcase that. I was so honored that we were able to do a part on my grandpa because a lot of people don't know that about me and I felt truly honored to be able to represent my grandpa in a way that he would be proud.  

Long term, what are your goals for your ski career? What about personally?
My long term goals in skiing is to make my career last as long as possible while doing it all for fun. Skiing to me has never been about the money or the fame it has always been about the fun so I am trying to make it as fun as possible. Personally, my long term goals are to live in Crested Butte and continue working in the ski industry.