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60 Years Of Film Technologies: Clip of the Week

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MIPS Enhances Ski Helmet Safety

Skiers have traditionally worn helmets only when required (e.g., small children, competitors).  Yet over the last few years, as helmets get stylish design makeovers and safety awareness increases, skiers and snowboarders have become more receptive to helmets on the ski hill. This season, however, there is an even better reason to don a protective shell: Swedish brain protection company MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) has been adopted by a number of helmet makers to enhance the safety of their helmets.

POV Cameras Are Changing The Game

When ski filmmaker and Warren Miller contemporary Dick Barrymore strapped a massive, counterweighted camera to his helmet in the 1960’s, it was a pioneering moment in action films. Today, tiny, high quality, point-of-view, or POV cameras are in widespread use by amateurs and professionals like Warren Miller Entertainment. The POV perspective allows filmmakers to bring the audience in for a new, thrilling experience like never before.

K2 Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary

Fifty years after its inception, iconic American ski company K2 is not only still going strong, but remains an industry leader in product innovation.  K2 maintains its irreverent and humorous attitude – never taking the ski world too seriously, but today’s K2 engineers keep their eye on the ball, churning out progressive gear every season. 

Phantom Camera Technology Captures Extreme Slow Motion

New technology has touched just about every part of skiing, from evolving gear and outerwear used on the snow, to the way athletes train, and how filmmakers capture the skiers and snowboarders.  This season, Warren Miller Entertainment made the decision to employ the relatively new Phantom Flex camera technology to capture on-snow action in new ways and bring a new look to next year’s WME feature film.

Airbags and Avalanche Safety

The idea for the airbag was developed in the 1970’s, by a German forest ranger.  The company he formed is today known as ABS, one of the three major producers of airbags, along with Mammut/Snowpulse and BCA. 

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