Julian Carr Featured On Flow State Poster

T Squared Action Sports chats with Julian Carr about being featured on the official movie poster for Warren Miller’s Flow State.

Interview provided by T Squared Action Sports

Recently it was announced that local skier and man of leisure Julian Carr would be the cover boy for the 2012 Warren Miller film “Flow State.” Julian caught up with T Squared Action sports to talk about life the cover and Discrete Headwear.


T Squared: How many Warren Miller Entertainment film appearances does this make for you and is this your first cover?

Julian Carr (JC): This makes my fifth Warren Miller film and my 2nd cover.

T Squared: Often times it is missed by the casual fan how much time and dedication it takes to become an elite skier. How does living in Utah benefit you to live your dream?

JC: Utah is a crucial factor. The resorts/backcountry are all 15 minutes from my front door, 15 amazing photographers live in the valley and you can get so much done in a full or 1/2 day. Then you have an international airport 15 minutes from my front door. Can’t beat it.

T Squared: Warren Miller is an icon, even after all the appearances do you ever get the nerves to perform when the cameras are on?

JC: It’s always a great experience. You have talented skiers with you, talented cameramen and you all discuss the best way to get capture the best shot possible. It always boils down to choosing something spicy and in your comfort range and being aware of where the cameras are to make sure you are sharing your experience appropriately.

T Squared: There is no place like home for skiing, when you aren’t in the Utah snow where is your favorite place to go?

JC: It’d have to be a tie… Japan, Alaska, South America, British Columbia, Jackson, Montana…haha…

T Squared: You’ve gone from skier to entrepreneur to writer for a jet setting magazine, what don’t you do well?

JC: Thanks. Life is fun, my brain is constantly going going going.. Skiing, writing, business are all ways to channel the buzz.

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