Meet Zudnick, The Wonder Dog

From Warren Millers SnowWorld Archives - 1988 Escape To Ski


Up in the high mountains of southwest Colorado – in the old mining town of Telluride – “Zudnick” is just another good old dog. You know the kind: He hops the first chairlift in the morning and hits the steep and the deep all day long, following (or leading) his master, Scott Kennett, down the fabled ski resort’s well respected drops.

That may be commonplace in the town Butch Cassidy once shot up, but in the real world, a hot skiing pooch is news. Zudnick, in film parlance at least, is now officially dubbed “a Wonder Dog.”

He spent most of May and June delighting our preview audiences with his spectacular descent down the “Plunge,” Telluride’s most popular precipice, right behind Kennett who was supposed to be the “hero” of the segment.

But, when our cameraman Brian Sisselman spotted Zudnick – part Huskie, part wolf – casually riding the lift up and then bounding down the Plunge, he knew he had a hit scene on his hands.

Viewers are going to like Zudnick, the Wonder Dog, in ESCAPE TO SKI and are going to have a “doggone” good time in the process.


-Published in the 1988 Ski World