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Exploring winter since 1949, Warren Miller Entertainment has inspired audiences to keep their snowriding dreams alive. Whether voyaging into unskied territory, braving avalanches, or flying off massive jumps, our films and corresponding Snoworld Magazine are sure to blow you away.

Enjoy a free download of this year's Snoworld and get a sneak peak at Warren Miller Entertainment films. You’ll find bonus features, behind the scenes, and more. Issues are published once a year. Contact us at

Where can I download the apps?
Currently, the SnoWorld Magazine app is only available on iTunes. Click here to download.


What is included with the free app downloaded from the Apple App Store?
This app gives you the ability to download a free sample issue and purchase, store, and read digital issues through iTunes. You can store as many digital issues as you'd like within the same app.

What is included with the digital download?
The full cover-to-cover version of the magazine including all advertisements, high resolution images with pinch & zoom, video, enhanced covers, enhanced tables of contents and in some cases enhanced advertisements with videos, hyperlinks, and special features.

Why won't my issue download?
It may take longer to download depending on your Wi-Fi Internet connection. We recommend not using 3G connections. For best results, keep the app open while downloading your issue. If you switch to another app the download will be paused.  If this happens, the download will continue from where it left off. Also, if the Internet connection is lost, the download will need to be started over. If you started a download that was purchased in the in App Store and it fails for some reason or you cancel it, you can restart the download by going to the Store tab and tapping the button on the issue.

How do I delete an issue from the iPad?
Perform a tap and long hold on the cover of the issue you wish to remove. A menu will appear. Select "Remove from iPad". To re-download a previously deleted issue, open the app and tap on the store tab. Find the issue you'd like to re-download and tap the buy button. You will be prompted to confirm your purchase and then immediately prompted to download again, free of charge.

Will deleting an issue free up storage space on my iPad?
Yes. You can access it again at any time by re-downloading the issue, free of charge.

Can I buy only a digital subscription?
Yes. Visit the Store tab in the app.

Does the digital issue expire?
No. Once you purchase the issue, it's yours to keep.

Can I share the digital issue with friends?
Currently, there are two sharing options available. You can share the app with friends via Facebook or email.


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